Sanitary napkins (including sanitary pads) national major

    According to the 2008 No. 1 of the National Standardization Management Committee issued ( total 114 ) announced the approval of national standards , GB/T8939-2008 " sanitary napkins ( including sanitary pads ) " national standard will take effect September 1, 2008 began. The new standard GB8939-1999 , compared with the main changes are as follows :

    - The new standard is mandatory provisions to recommended national standards, health requirements referenced mandatory national standard GB15979-2002 " Disposable sanitary hygiene standards " ;

    - Increasing the surface layer of material classified by product and by product classification features two classification methods , and product type specification defines ;

    - Cancellation of the quality level of the classification and sanitary napkins and sanitary pads for the effective length of the request ;

    - According to the actual situation of enterprises , modify the sampling methods and decision rules ;

    - Cancellation of the front transverse width infiltration expansion project ;

    - The technical requirements of the standard value of test items have been adjusted ;

    - Increased each piece individually wrapped sanitary requirements ;

    - On infiltration capacity , water absorption ratio , pH, adhesive bond strength test methods partial adjustment ;

    - Adhesive bond strength by the qualitative assessment to quantitative assessment , but not as a basis for determining whether or not qualified ;

    - Test methods for water were adjusted ;

    - For sale signs and packaging has been modified ;

    - Appendix D to the prompt normative appendix .