Anti-drug treatment will bring sanitary napkins are not hidden

        Merchants to attract the attention of customers will come up with some out product efficacy , effectiveness for clients violent "attack ." Sanitary hygiene products is essential for women , businesses seize the customer 's consumer psychology , therapeutic efficacy of sanitary napkins give some out . There can cover up the smell of Fen, there are medicines containing ingredients Motherwort sanitary napkins . Experts uncover the lies sanitary napkins , sanitary napkins Fen cause allergies , medications do not cure the napkin .

        Some contain fragrance market , peppermint odor sanitary particularly popular , most women feel that menstruation is always a bad smell , but was able to cover this type of sanitary napkins smell , very convenient. These include spices, drugs napkin certain ingredients may cause skin allergies, menstrual women already low immunity , many women chose not to for their own sanitary napkins , some will feel intolerable itching , and even genital irritation, dermatitis large cause allergic itching private parts .

        The drug is basically needed motherwort orally , applied to the vulva simply not have any effect . Some women with recurrent vaginal infections , but may be due to the use of sanitary napkins containing different types of drugs , flavors and other added ingredients caused .

        Therefore, when choosing napkin Do not believe those one-sided propaganda , be sure to choose carefully.