Identification of the type of baby diapers

The following classification method of baby diapers:
Classified according to shape -- sticker type, pants type
Classification by size -- No. NB, No. S, climbing pants, No. M, No. L, No. XL, Lala Pants / trousers (can be divided into various types of growth)
Classified according to purpose -- daily pee and poo, night use, toilet training, water etc..
In numerous types, please select the type of the most suitable for your baby now use the next let's have a look what is the difference between different types of baby diapers!
According to the shape of baby diaper species
1 "waist tape type" baby diapers
After opening the flat shape, pad in the buttocks, with a belt and the waist tape is fixed, then the baby small fart entire wrap. Mainly to the newborn baby, the baby learn to sit, crawl baby use. Toddler baby can also use.
2 "pants" baby diapers
A similar style and underwear diapers, baby can crawl or start time stop, paper diaper for this "pants" change up more convenient.
According to the size of baby diaper species
No matter what kind of shape diapers, there are various in size to fit different month old baby physical development. To Mamy Poko as an example, have a look the size change diapers.
With the baby's body gradually grew up, every time pee on increasing the amount of any state, the changes in the. Therefore, the size of paper, not only is the length and width increased, the size of the absorber and shape also is in produce change, to adapt to the various periods of time your baby's growth and excretion of demand, Mamy Poko diapers R & D center but spent a lot of time to study design and development of some kinds of size in the market.
According to the purposes to baby diaper species
Diapers to also won't go baby use of things, even if they whenever and wherever possible shitting may not contaminate environment. Even if the same is to "absorb pee and poo", according to the purposes of subdivision, can be classified into different types.
Daily use of disposable diaper 1 Absorption baby sooner or later pee and poo
Diaper Baby toilet training for 2
To begin to toilet training your baby to use. A wet feeling, your baby can know pee.
3 baby diapers at night with
Even during the day can not diapers, can sleep at night when there are still many mother will give the baby to wear diapers. Diapers at night is used for wet the bed at night baby. In order not to let the day wear underwear baby has to touch, specially designed and underwear as thin style. Japan's Hitachi "OYASHUMIMAN" is the type.
Baby diaper 4 water use
In order to special diaper gets rid of diaper before the baby can also rest assured that the water and the design of the. Because there is no absorber into the ordinary diaper like that, so the water does not swell. (※ cannot be used as a routine urine absorption) now Chinese Unitya has not put into production, but Japan is production of "Mamy Poko with special paper diaper" in the Japanese market and also by the mother and baby's love. Mamy Poko transient absorption and Dry Diapers and Mamy Poko clean care diapers, diapers and belongs to the mother and baby are used in daily life. In addition to take a shower outside the baby has been using this kind of paper diapers, so the main topic in development is how to let the baby little ass always keep dry and comfortable.