2014 LH-SV-KBD700 automatic servo sanitary napkin machine

 2014 LH-SV-KBD700 automatic servo sanitary napkin machine/>
Two. Main Technical Parameter:
·Size of lady napkin:     (single size, as per drawing confirmed by both sides.)
Products: cotton core type, ultra-thin type, leakage barrier type ( as per the sample confirmed by the buyer)
Designed production speed: 600 PCS/min
.stable production speed: 450-500 PCS/min.
Power: 380V 50HZ
machine power: 90kw (excluding that needed in hot melt applicators)
waste rate: ≤ 2% (excluding that caused by hot melt applicators and re-feeding materials)
Machine weight: 30t
Overall size of equipment: 25mX5.5mX2.35m (L x W x H) (set temporarily)
Air pressure: 1000L/Min, 6-8BAR
Machine direction: by facing to the machine, _______________________ (set as per customer’s requirement)
Three. . Basic equipments on the machine:
Perfect and fixed machine bracket with thickness of 20mm.
·Air-laid paper supplying, material air shaft holder, unwinding by frequency converter, tensioning controlling unit, with all material automatic feeding unit (liquid spraying unit is installed on air-laid material supplying area)
·SAP paper supplying with short-cut transferring unit SAP
·Compress in one line
·Wrapped in core
·Core is cut off with universal driving.
·N.W. fabric is open-cut.N.W.
·N.W. wrinkling unit. N.W.
·Guide-flow N.W. supplying unit, auto correct when semi-automatic feeding material without being cut. The material is with glue-scraping.
·Guide-flow N.W. short-cut unit
·Three pieces material feeding structure:
·P.E. film supplying, material air shaft holder, unwinding by converter, tension controlling unit, automatic material feeding and cutting unit, auto edge rectifying unit, glue spraying ( medicine spraying is installed on P.E. film area. )
·Hydrophobic N.W. supplying, material air shaft holder, unwinding by converter, stable tension controlling unit with material auto cutting and feeding unit.
·Hydrophobic N.W. slitting unit, one set of auto edge-rectifier is installed on each side after slitting.
·Hydrophobic N.W. turnover unit.
·Three pieces compress
·With programmable controller to monitor the production procedure and the driving speed, while with tem-controller to control the temperature of embossment roller and so on.
·Touch screener is adopted by Japan Mitsubishi and operated by man-machine interface. Production parameter and production breakdown are displayed in picture on the screener.
·Auto exchange material without stopping machine on N.W. fabric, P.E. film and other material areas. With Denmark “Danfoss” brand to control the tension of the material. Auto remover the wasted material and wasted products.
·Auto set up alarm when production breakdown takes place.
·Main driving is controlled by frequency speed-regulator, auto rise and ascend speed when feeding or exchanging material.
·Material is auto corrected during production.
·Leakage barrier unit.
Add blue acquisition layer.
· Core is tri-folded.
·Silk thin embossment unit, driven by universal shaft unit.
·Compress guide-flow channel, driven by universal shaft.
·Back film supplying, material air shaft holder, unwinding by converter, tension controlling unit, material auto feeding unit and edge auto rectifying unit.
·Round-sealing by heat-pressing, controlled by universal coupling.
·Back release paper supplying, short-cutting and transferring unit.
· The outer cutter for the finished lady napkin is driven by universal couplings.
·Retrieved material are separated and collected into wasted material container.
 Wing folding unit
· Release paper supplying in wings
· Lady napkin is in 900 horizon moving.
·Small packaging film supplying, this material is semi-automatic fed without being cut off.
·Compress on relative positions.
·Small package is tri-folded and packaged.
·Easy tape supplying and short-cutting unit.
·Air exhausting structure in small package
·Round-cutting of small package is driven by universal couplings.
·Small package output is stacked out in line, facilitates the worker to package.
·Pneumatic system and urgent-stop unit
·H.M. applicator connecting unit H.M.
·Equip 5 sets of edge-rectifiers. Three sets are used for three pieces complex, while one is for surface material, the other one set is for back film. 
·Four. Main Character:
·PLC programmable system:
·PLC procedure control,operated by touch screener
·Perforated film, N.W., Back film, Air-laid paper, SAP paper unwinding unit by converter and tension controlling unit.
·Perforated film, N.W., Back film, Air-laid paper, SAP paper automatic feeding unit and get rid of wasted material when material feeding.
·Semi-automatic feed material and auto get rid of wasted material in the material areas, such as, Guide-flow N.W., small package film.
·There are inspector for the joint among Perforated film, N.W., Back film, Air-laid Paper, SAP paper and guide-flow N.W.
·Auto set up alarm and stop machine when material breaks or finishes.
·Main machine is adopted by frequency speed-regulator and controlled by PLC.
·Speed can be adjusted promptly without stopping machine.
Five. Driving system:
★ Driving system:
◇ consisting of main shaft plus universal gimbals plus gearwheel plus v synchronous belt plus differential device plus universal shaft coupling.
◇ The connection of main driving shafts is adopted with universal shaft couplings.
◇ Cutter bracket is adopted withф45 of steel bracket and pushing backboard.
◇  All short-cutting is conducted by scraping.
◇  Round-sealing and small package cutting is conducted by air cylinder.
◇  Glue-spraying area is mounted with lamination lamp, while the back driving is mounted with lamp for maintenance.
◇ Equipped with counter
◇ Driving components are installed on the backboard of equipment to stable the production and facilitate the inspection and maintain.
◇ Driving system consists of universal coupling, gearwheel device, universal shaft coupling and arc-gear synchronous belt with high driving accuracy and mechanical efficiency.
◇ Guide-flow channel, round sealing, outer cutting and small package round-cutting are adopted with universal coupling with high driving speed and advanced designing.
◇ Main driving shaft is jointed by universal couplings.
◇ Back driving gearwheel for the cutting die and the slitting area are all adopted bevel wheel to guarantee stability of operation and low noise.
◇ Synchronous belt on the back driving area of cutting tool is used the brand of 14M.
Six. Assembling Characters:
All air feeding channels in one, which guarantees flat belt against running aside; left-over material at two sides can be recollected; air feeding channels is avoided to be taken off when replacing the cutting die; lastly, operation is easy.
Round-sealing and round-cutting of small package can be pressure-added by the air cylinder.
Cutting Die Aside Separation can guarantee the smooth sliding of the block, intensifying of whole steel plate and rising in accuracy.
Key press & cut rollers are driven by universal shafts with fast driving and long life cycle of cutting die.
Medicine spraying areas are with round-sealed organic glass frame to protect against fire or evaporation.
Molding and Positioning working procedure are all equipped with electric differential devices to conduct phasic adjustment without pausing the machine.
During material feeding, it conducts vacuum absorption style to guarantee the tension stability of material.
Man-machine interface, programmable controller and main machine frequency converter are used with the brand of Japan Mitsubishi.
Seven、Main parts supplier
Name名稱 Brand品牌 Origin & Material產地與材料
Programmable controller (PLC)可編程控制器(PLC)  (MITSUBISHI)三菱。 Japan 日本
Touching screener
Main driving converter主驅動轉換器  Mitsubishi
Frequency motor for unwinding  Danfoss 丹麥丹佛斯 Denmark 丹麥
Photoelectric switch for material inspecting 物料檢測光電開關 ShanWu單屋 Japan 日本
Photoelectric switch for paper end jointing 光電開關進行端接 OMRON歐姆龍 Japan 日本
Tem-controller TEM控制器 Huibang惠邦 China 中國
Low-voltage electricity低壓電  Sinaide/OMRON斯耐德/歐姆龍 France/Japan法國、日本
Fixed relay 固定中繼 OMRON Japan  日本
Key bearings 主要軸承 NTN or NSK or NACHI or KOYO Japan 日本
Synchronous belt 同步帶 Jiebao 捷豹 Ningbo 寧波
Flat belt 平帶 (HABSIT)(得)
       Swiss 瑞士
Cutting tool 切削刀具 PEIXIN 培新 America D2美國D2
Edge-rectifier 邊緣整流器 PEIXIN 培新 By German parts 德國的部分

Eight. Spare parts along with the machine
1.Tool: one set
2.Wearable parts list:
3.Operation manual
4.Main electric instruction manual
5.Electric drawing
Nine. After-sales service and Installation
1、Shipping can be arranged by supplier on behalf of buyer, and the freight should be on the account of buyer.
2、Supplier will send the technician to buyer’s country to help them install the machine and train the technicians, while the round-trip air tickets, meal, accommodation and 20 dollars should be born by the buyer.
3、one year guarantee, after-sales service for ever(the wearable parts, such as, cutting tool、synchronous belt、flat belt are not belonging to the coverage area.)
Ten . Payment term: to pay 30% of total as deposit by T/T, and the rest 70% of total should be paid by confirmed, irrevocable L/C by draft at sight.
Eleven. The standard of the inspection on the machine:
It will last ten minutes under the speed of 450-500 pieces per minute (Taking the non-leakage barrier lady napkin as the standard size for inspection). On the condition that buyer wants seller to inspect for above ten minutes, the cost of the material will be born by buyer.
Twelve. Duty of breach:As per other relative statements in the agreement.
Thirteen、Settlement of the contract breach:friendly settlement as per《Law of the contract》.
Fourteen、This contract is invalid until the signature from both sides and also the down payment paid by buyer in favor of supplier.
Fifteen、Any of the breaches from this contract should be friendly settled down by both sides.